Best Areas in London for Property Investors 2021

The Borough Of Newham is a popular choice for investors who are looking to buy-to-let. The average monthly rent here is less than PS1,500. Newham houses are on average priced at PS354,162. There are some very attractive options available if you have at least PS500,000. Newham is far enough out of central London that it doesn’t require you to have a full-on city experience. It is close enough to London that it has good transport links.

Newham can be reached quickly from central London via Newham. However, property investments london the area also offers many attractions. The 80 hectares of Newham borough have been designated by the government as part the Metropolitan Green Belt. It covers London and the surrounding regions. 

Newham also has ten libraries. Newham is considered to be one of London’s best areas for education. Newham’s excellent education system makes it a desirable borough. Wandsworth Council also announced plans for more than 3,000 luxury homes to be built in the Battersea neighborhood. 

Once these homes are built, the value of existing properties in this area will increase. The multibillion-pound revitalization of the entire area around Battersea Power Station has been planned. Once the construction is complete, the historic Grade II listed building and surrounding area will be a major economic and social hub.

 Plans are in place to build more housing. House flippers can determine the price they can sell their properties for. But, renovations are only one factor. Flipping property in areas where prices are expected to rise is a way for house flippers to increase their earnings. These areas are some of the most promising in London.

Ilford is a great place to invest. Crossrail’s impending arrival will make this an even more attractive area for commuters. Crossrail links will not only be available to Ilford, but a multimillion-pound investment initiative will see large swathes rebuilt. The district is already working on its first skyscraper and should have it completed by 2021.

Average Ilford property prices have increased by 60% in five years. This performance continues to be a boon for property investors. Despite this rise, Ilford property prices are amongst the most affordable in the capital.

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