Biometric Face Recognition System Replacing Passwords and PIN Numbers

At various part in our nation, still the public and private premises are continuing the usage of fingerprint reader, password protected door locks and many other traditional security systems. Take the example of bank ATMs; people are still restricted to using pin numbers for accessing the ATMs in order to check their authentication. In many of the organizations, higher officials are still supporting the security locks for locking the doors and protecting the assets. That shows the primitiveness in the field of technology.
Darker Side of Door Lock & Pin based Security Systems:
Each and every security system has got some video analytics or the other major drawbacks. Technology has got certain limitations in a day to day life. With the password based automatic locks the problem that it might result into, can be enlisted as:

  • Short Term Memory: The pin based security system is really an amazing invention, no doubt an efficient security system but the main problem lies when you will not remember the password and you will be urgently in need of that. After all you can never trust on your memory solely. Isn’t it!
  • Tough Process: If you are habituated with the existing system then there is no further complexities but just think about the one who is new to the company! Is it easy for the one who is coming for the first time and does not have any idea about the device? It would be rather a difficult one. Since learning the whole process and then implementing everything will be definitely hard for any new individuals.
  • Time Consuming: The security devices that are based on the passwords takes more time granting the authentication because it relies on the remembrance of the human brain. The human brain takes time to recapitulate things therefore automatically the device’s processing time increases.

Places where time is valued equal to money, would there people prefer to waste the sere time for just the pin based security systems. A million dollar question that you need to ask yourself or to your organization!

What’s the Solution?
The solution is pretty simple. Just replace the existing system with the newest technologically advanced security system. The newest technologically advanced system is the face recognition system. The biometric face recognition system works based on recognition of the facial features. It captures the individual’s certain facial parameters. Then it performs the matching process between the existing facial patterns with the newest captured facial patterns and ultimately when it finds the match it grants the authentication.

The facial recognition systems can work on indoor as well as on outdoor premises. This biometric system is completely based on ‘no human touch’ technology. People just have to show their face for the identification and recognition.

Face-Recognition-System Eradicates Earlier Limitations Posed by Older Security Systems:
Biometric face recognition system is based on face recognition technology, posses a number of advantages that eradicates the earlier limitations. The three major advantages obtained though face recognition system are:

  • Do Not Have to Memorize: With the face recognition system, there is no need to memorize any single thing. People just need to stand in front of the camera and look into it for checking their authentication by the electronic security system. All other wok would be done by the device itself.
  • Easy Process: Since people do not have to remember anything or do not have to type anything therefore late complexities gets minimized. Any person who is a layman for the company can also just stand in front of the camera and can get the authentication. Person does not have to do anything personally.
  • Fastest Process: The face recognition system uses a very fastest matching algorithm that checks the authentication very fast. Just within seconds authentication of the individuals is granted. Therefore saves a lot amount of time.

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