Modern Day Tennysons – Article Writing

Due to the vast number of published media that can exhibit various ideas and thoughts, writing has become one of the most conventional ways of income. However, despite the abundance of opportunities, not everyone can be a writer. It requires skill, practice, intellect and experience in order for one to become an excellent one.

There are several forms of writing. The most common form is for print. Under this category falls all print media, such as newspapers, magazines, and even Internet data posting. This style of writing is still divided into sub-categories known as news, features and editorial. News writing, though can be written is a variety of styles, are straightforward articles, narrative and informing. Feature writing can be written also in several novelty ways, however, allowing the writer to set his/her own phase and style, whichever he/she thinks would best present the idea she/he is trying to convey. Lastly is the editorial. Editorial writing is mainly composed of the writer or the firms personal opinions. However, editorial is entirely different from blogging, since blogging is purely based on opinions, why editorial writing highly requires facts to which the opinions should be based to.

Next is writing for broadcast. Writing for broadcast is also completely different from writing for print. Under this mode, verb tenses and story subjects must be highly scrutinized before deployment Sherry Dyson . Truthfulness of facts must also be more thorough than that in written articles, for it is more difficult to take said things back than to write erratum in newspapers. Writing for broadcast is used for delivering news on radio and TV, and sometimes, even on Public Address Systems.

Content writing is a new player in the field of article writing. This form of writing is commonly used as a company reference or as content references in online encyclopedia sites. Blogging is also one of the new comers in article writing. This form of writing is like writing an online journal. May it be for profit or personal purposes; blog writing is now the most popular of all, since it is convenient, easy and only requires daily experience in order for somebody to write one.

For budding writers hoping to gain a regular income from the written word the internet has proven to be a new and invaluable resource. Where once it would have been very difficult for writers to support themselves as they learned their craft, and paying writing gigs were few and far between, now there are hundreds of sites all over the web and indeed all over the world, where it is possible to pick up some freelance writing work to get them started and keep them going.

Clearly no new writer is going to be able to jump straight into working for the New York Times or writing for GQ magazine. Where you would have traditionally needed a journalism background or at the very least a degree in English, you will find the rules are still pretty much the same as ever and the field still as competitive (if not more so). Likewise if you are interested in copywriting, you will not be able to walk straight into a top agency or copywriting firm and a highly paid job.

However, what the internet has done is given new writers a chance to build a portfolio, get a small income stream going and get experience of writing to order. Sites such as Odesk, Virtual Assistants, Sologig, and Elance offer a level playing field for writing contracts. On these sites it is not who you know, but how well you write. They all offer a huge variety of job categories and all of them include a category for writing. On Elance, for example, the category is called “Writing & Translation” and it covers anything to do with the written word, from SEO copywriting to ghost writing, from advertising blurb to helping people edit their novel. Projects are advertised and the writer that submits the best proposal and the most competitive price will be awarded the job. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the numbers of people competing for jobs goes up every month. So to get started, and to do well on these job sites, you need to have both a well written and enticing profile, a portfolio of good work for prospective buyers to look through, and good feedback from clients. Your reputation is everything on the job boards. Every job you complete will be reviewed and rated, and these reviews will help your next prospective client decide whether to choose you. This also means that when you are starting out you need to bid much lower than other writers on jobs and then submit faultless work, in order to start building good feedback. The more positive feedback you get, the more likely you are to get another client. Once you’ve got a few clients, you’ll start to feel like a freelance writer!

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