Password Keeper App Synchronizes Safeguards Your Passwords

password keeper app

Password Keeper is an organized secure storage for your login credentials of various web services that you frequently use. It can keep track of all these credentials and generate the “remember me” feature after every use. With this password keeper app, it is easy to remember various usernames and passwords for various services like shopping cards, online banking, social networking sites, and so on. You just need to create a username in the password keeper app, enter the password while doing so, and then just copy the password and username without exposing them to anybody who may be peaking. In this way, you can easily access the password by just logging in to the secured site.

Password Kepper is not only useful for remembering strong passwords but also useful for storing Weak Password, one of the many forms of password. The password keeper app can also keep track of all forgotten strong passwords by generating a random string of combinations. This Strong Password can be used for resetting the login information of various sites. If you remember a strong password but forget the other one, you just need to enter the forgotten password and you will be able to log in again.

The password keeper app generates truekey or random numbers using cryptosystem. A truekey is a random number which is generated by using an algorithm. A cryptosystem is an algorithm that scrambles the secret key (your password) through an encrypting algorithm, produces a random number, and then encodes this into a form that can be decoded back to its original state. So a cryptosystem is a way of scrambling the key in such a way that no one can figure out how to reverse the encryption and gain access to the real key.

As mentioned earlier, Apple uses a tweak on the TrueCrypt password algorithm to produce a more secure set of passwords. A tweaked True Cryptocore implementation also allows for longer and stronger passwords. To break True Cryptocore, a hacker would have to crack the encryption key in a matter of seconds. However, with a strong master password, a user can set a password for a system and use that as a basis for generating strong passwords. With a master password and a good app, any hacker will have a hard time cracking your system.

A password keeper also includes several additional features. It includes vault to store passwords on. One feature is the use of smart cards. You can use either a USB pass through or a hardware device such as a USB thumb drive or an SD card. With this feature, a user can generate a secure password directly from his computer without going through a series of complicated steps. This password is then safely stored in the vault.

Safari and Firefox browsers have password strength requirements for their respective users. Therefore, a password keeper must also support these browsers. There are several extensions available for these browsers. There is the Firefox Passwords Add-On which enables the user to set the maximum password strength, and there is the Safari Keychain Add-On for Safari which can synchronize passwords between the browser and the password keeper.

While the Safari extension is free, the Firefox version is paid. Therefore, it may not be the best free password manager for syncing safari passwords. On the other hand, it has been mentioned earlier that one should not solely depend on a password manager. Syncing the safari passwords is always better than using a password manager.

The most important aspect about syncing credentials with Passhub is the use of two factor authentication. This is necessary to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to the information in the database. This way, Pass Hub guarantees that your data is secured and nobody has the ability to access it. Moreover, by using the Passhub application, you can manage your new passwords as well as your existing passwords with the ease of the Palm Handheld iPhone Connector.

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