Snack Bar Equipment to Improve Your Facility

It seems like every country club, golf course or driving range snack bar or has a difficult time with making the proper profit margin for their facility. Obtaining the profit margin that you are seeking obviously has many facets however, it all begins with having the correct snack bar equipment or concession equipment put in place to make your staff a facility as efficient as they can be at all times. Below, you will find concession equipment and snack bar equipment that will allow you to hit your profit margin goals:

Snack Bar Equipment – Beverage Air Countertop Ice Machine

The beverage air countertop ice machine allows your members and guests to dispense ice while only using one hand by pressing activation lever with the easily accessible controls. The water and drain connections in back or bottom of unit and has a large drain pan. This counter top ice machine or piece of concession equipment also has three settings so your members and guests can dispense ice only, water only or ice and water at the same time. The Bev Air counter top ice machines also come with a patented cleaning technology which is easy on you and your staff.

Snack Bar Equipment – American Range Deep Fat Fryer

These deep fryers are sturdy for heavy use as the fryer vessel tank is built with all stainless steel high quality to construction (16 ga #304 material) and the exterior is made of stainless steel front, sides, door, and basket hanger/flue riser. The fryer baskets themselves are twin chrome plated and come with cool grip plastic coated handles for operator safety and ease. The AF-75 model or piece of concession 烘焙牌照 equipment is AGA/CGA Design certified and NSF listed. The AF-75 model has a removable basket hanger that will accommodate two fryer baskets with the capacity to hold 65-80lbs and will give off 160,000 BTUs. In addition, the AF-75 model’s thermostatic control ranges from 200 to 400 degrees. To protect your employees, the safety shut off system turns off the gas when the temperature reaches the high limit.

Snack Bar Equipment – Beverage Air Countertop Refrigerators

The Beverage Air pass through refrigerator allows you to merchandise product for easy access to your members and guests. Not only can you display the products but the counter top refrigerator will also allow you to keep more product at cooler levels in the high stress times of your concession area. This counter top refrigerator or piece of concession equipment comes with field reversible triple pane tempered glass doors. With being environmentally green a top priority to many of our members, these counter top refrigerators utilize ozone friendly R134a refrigerant.

Snack Bar Equipment – Commercial Portable Double Stove Top

The commercial portable double stove top allows you to expand the offerings on your menu. With a portable stove, you will be able to offer breakfast tacos and hot lunch sandwiches as well. The John Boos Pro Chef Double Portable Stove comes with a durable vitro ceramic surface, infinitely variable heat control switch and two residual heat indicator lights. This unit is durable due to the stainless steel housing and comes with a standard cordset.

With the golf industry as competitive as ever, it is important that your facility has the snack bar equipment or concession equipment needed to provide a quality experience for your members, guests and employees.

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