Vista Del Valle – A Great Hotel in Costa Rica

Looking up a 300 foot waterfall wondering how I was going to get the whole thing into my shot without soaking my new high-definition video camera on day one of 35 day shoot had me feeling more like I was in the heart of the rainforest, not 20 minutes west of the international airport.

Rio Vista Golf Club in Rio Vista, California, USA | Golf Advisor

But that’s exactly where I was. Vista del Valle is the perfect place to begin and end any Costa Rica vacation. Its location is perfect for accessing the rest of the country, and for being fairly close to San Jose, you can still experience the beauty that Costa Rica offers.

Vista del Valle lies at approximately 2,500 ft./ 762 meters. The restaurant is perched on a cliff and overlooks the Rio Grande Private Nature Reserve. At night, looking in the same direction, are the lights of San Jose. Which in my opinion, is the best way to see San Jose… at night and from a distance.

The food is Vista is like the food at all the lodges I’ll be writing about, wonderful. The nice thing, when it comes to the food at ecolodges or small resorts, is the pride they take in food preparation rio vista . Because they’re not cooking for big crowds, each dish is prepared with love and the freshest ingredients available at the time. Enjoying your meal while overlooking the Rio Grande will your first of many memories.

The pool has a shallow end for kids and there are lots of personal floatation devices to enjoy. There is also a Jacuzzi. My first thought when I saw it was ‘wow, a hot tub in Costa Rica, isn’t it a little hot in Costa Rica for a hot tub.’ However, with the elevation, nights can get a little chilly making the hot tub option a good one. It’s also a great way to enjoy the rain.

The suites, cottages and rooms are all very comfortable offering all the amenities one requires.

The gardens are a great way to introduce yourself to the botanical beauty of Costa Rica. I’ve spent many hours walking their gardens filming plants, butterflies and birds.

Vista del Valle is owned by Michael and Joanna Bresnan. They have been in Costa Rica for over 40 years. Their love and respect for Costa Rica is evident in the way they run their business and the respect they have garnered from their neighbors.

I became instant friends with Michael and Joanna and consider them to be some of the truest people I have ever met.

Current projects include making the hotel a model of sustainability. They have an impressive, organic garden and hope to build a ‘center for sustainability’ where people can learn about and practice the concepts of sustainability.

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