What Is the Most Common Dog for Dog Bites and Human Fatalities?

Of the approximately 600 dog breeds of the world only a handful are known as dogs that should be thought of as dangerous. Bearing in mind that all dogs are capable of biting when threatened, and typically only to defend themselves, only a small handful of dogs should actively be thought of fully as dangerous as they are known to attack humans frequently. Of these dangerous breeds, the Pit Bulls and their derivatives are what many considered to be the most aggressive and dangerous dog.

Posing such a danger because of their selective breeding to be fighting dogs, pit bulls are unique in that they fail to communicate a warning to their intended victim. As seen in other dogs, prior to an attack, most at least offer a warning in the form of growling or bared teeth before attacking another animal or human. This bull breed however does not, and coupled with their dangerous methods of attack have actually been deemed as lethal weapons by the courts of the United States.

Possessing jaws able to create 235 pounds of force and often attacking in surprise, pit bulls utilize a method of attack similar to that of a shark in that their bites penetrate the Steel bite pro review deep muscle and the dog shakes the bitten victim to inflict the maximum damage. The pit bull bite is considered to be the worst amongst dogs not because of the force of the bite, but because of the technique and the fact that these dogs have been selectively bred to not let go of their bitten victim. This constant bite called “locking,” while paired with the force of the jaws and the shaking of the head, tends to cause massive tissue and muscle damage in the victim.

The best example of the quality of their bite was viewed in an Ohio courtroom in which one man was convicted of violating the cities ordinance toward this breed. The Dog Warden of the county showed a tape of the dog in question hanging from a steel cable even though the pit bull had been tranquilized during the bite. In essence, the unconscious dog is still biting the object in it jaws and has not let go despite having no mental stimulation.

Because of this selectively bred biting technique the pit bull is considered America’s most dangerous breed of dog, and research shows that in the years 2005-2011 this breed, alongside Rottweiler’s, have accounted for 73% of recorded fatal attacks.

The dogs were bred for an instinct and unfortunately that instinct is prey driven and children and other pets can bring out that drive with quick movement or high pitched sounds. It is best to avoid strange dogs and breeds that have this predatory drive enhanced by selective breeding.

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