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There are Ten Tribunals of punishment in the Underworld. When animals, fowls, fishes and worms (all living beings except human) die, their souls are sucked back into Hades at the Third Tribunal. Their death is mainly due to slaughtering rather than by sickness. This slaughtering is generally done by human beings and because these creatures seem to know that they have no way of escape, they feel very frightened and cry and scream in their own way. Human beings who lived a very sinful life and maintain an evil mind, when they die, their souls will be reborn as one of the four types of creatures, according to the seriousness of their past sins.

The Emperor of The Third Tribunal is “Songdi Wang” and when he was asked interesting questions by the medium “Yang Sheng” in the Underworld by what he saw, he gave very interesting answers as follows:

Q1: This field contains so many kinds of animals. I have never seen such a varied collection of animals on Earth. This is like a big zoo having tigers, lions, practically every kind of animals, fowls, etc very hard to count…..

Ans: Here I now have a case to tackle. In front of us is a Cock who has come to plead before me. I will let you see his personal file. Before he was a Cock, this fellow was a rich man’s son and he lived in the north of Taiwan. Very often, because of his wealth, he used to rape young girls and also used his money to buy teenage girls so that he could sleep with them in order to retain his vigour and vitality and be happy How To Lock A Door Without A Lock. He had therefore committed a series of sins. After death, as punishment, he was sentenced to be reborn a Cock for five generations. His sentence is about to come to an end. He is now pleading to be reincarnated.

Q2: This is very frightening. This Cock was formerly a human being! So if one eats the flesh of a fowl is it a sin?

Ans: Every creature has a living soul but of different types and shapes. Their spirituality is exactly like a human being’s spirituality. Human beings like to eat meat because meat contains proteins and fats which help to build up the body; but they do not stop to think that all the four types of creatures are originally from human beings. Inside the bodies of these creatures one type of poisonous impurity is present. When an animal, fowl or fish (when still alive) is about to be slaughtered, this creature gets frightened and struggles thus making making the blood circulate faster and become abnormal thus causing the release of this poisonous impurity into the blood streams and to stick to the flesh. When the flesh is cooked and eaten, human beings also absord this poisonous impurity. Let us take the case of human beings. When a person gets worried or frightened, the blood in his heart changes in quality, the accumulation of these many worries and fears will usually lead to sickness.

Now, to return to the subject of meat eating. As mentioned earlier, meat contains proteins and fats which are good for body building; it also contains the poisonous impurities, therefore there are good points as well as bad points. However, present day scientists advocate the eating of more vegetables and less meat. To those who follow ascetic practices it is advisable to also eat less meat and more vegetables to reduce the poisonous impurities in the body. Otherwise it will be rather difficult to succeed in their attempt. You asked earlier if it is a sin to eat fowl flesh, after what I have just said, it is therefore up to you to decide.

Q3: May I ask your Highness, before us come an ape and a parrot – the ape walks and behaves like a human being while the parrot imitates human being’s speaking – do they belong to a higher stratum of creatures?

Ans: The ape moves like a human being and his brain is smart. In a previous life he was a human being but was too smart, in the negative sense, resulting in damaging himself and committing sins. So, on rebirth, he becomes an animal whilst retaining his human qualities. Regarding the parrot, he now imitates human beings speaking. When he was a human being he was very talkative and talked too much and boastfully, often speaking to cause families to quarrel and break up. Now, being reborn a parrot he is imprisoned in a cage and has to listen tp people speaking and on his part trying to imitate what is spoken and what he hears. Therefore, human beings who are in the habit of making trouble, breaking up families, talking too much, going against the laws of society, etc, when they die, they will be reborn as one of the four types of creatures.

What to do about all those darn bugs that want to eat the same things you do? Is there a way to use organic garden pesticide safely? Pesticides and organics do not mix. After all the reason you wanted to raise your food organically is to get away from all those chemicals.

There are some “natural” pesticides that are approved for use in organic gardening and farming. But, even these have their side effects. It kinda’ like medicine for your body, for each medicine there is a side effect. You must decide if you want to live with the side effects or not.

I rarely use any man made product in my food production. I want my food to be as free of harmful substances as possible. Is it worth it? It is to me, is it to you?

If you will read the label, you should always read the label on everything; you will find that there are restrictions on most every pesticide, labeled for organic use, out there. If something can kill a fish or kill a bee, which I want in my garden, then what will it do to me or my kids?

If you do not use a solution in a bottle, what can you do?

There are many ways to fool Mother Nature and her bugs. For instance, when I started raising potatoes, where I now live, the potato bugs grew very fat off my potatoes every year, and I used a commercial spray to kill them. The problem was I had to spray several times every year.

When I decide to go organic I started picking the potato bugs off and dropping them in a jar with soap and water. It became a game. I would walk through the garden every evening after work and pick off the potato bugs and pull any new weeds. Killed two birds with one stone.

Within about three years the potato bugs were gone and there have been very few visit the potato patch since. Problem solved, beautiful potatoes, no bugs.

A great invention is row cover. Used to, the cabbage worm would eat the time out of the cabbage and broccoli. I just could not keep them out, even with spray. Then I found row cover. Row cover is a light fabric that floats over the vegetable that lets light in and keeps bugs out. Works great!

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